Cambodia or Kampuchea

Cambodia or called as Kampuchea, located in South East Asia. It borders Thailand in the Northwest, Lao in the North, Viet Nam in the East and the Gulf of Thailand in the South. It covers a land area of 181 035 square kilometers and has nearly 15 million population. Its capital city is called as Phnom Penh situated at the confluence of the four mighty rivers, Upper Mekong, lower Mekong, Basac, and Tonle Sap Rivers. Phnom Penh has around two million population living in. Cambodia is a Buddhist country, 90% of the total population are Buddhists. The language is Khmer, and English is spoken as the second language. You will find it very easy to communicate with the people in English while you are here. Beside English, we have people who also speak French, Chinese, Spanish Japanese, German, Russian, and Italian. It had been a war-torn country by decades of the civil wars, especially in the late 1970s, The Khmer Rouge Regime that had Pol Pot as a leader. Cambodia was then converted into an agrarian society, or an agrarian utopia. All the government's infrastructures were completely abolished, no money circulation, no market places, no teachers, no schools, no doctors, no hospitals, no monks, no Buddhist temples, it was a real genocide with real atrocities or called as Year Zero, which killed nearly two million people within three years eight months and twenty days. Phnom Penh was then abandoned and became a Ghost Town. We will tell you more details if you have a chance to visit us in Cambodia.

Today, Cambodia has a big change. We are now peaceful. We are growing well with great prosperity in our economy. Tourism is one of our major industries in this former war-torn country. Millions of tourists come to see Cambodia every year. We have tourists from everywhere around the world. A lot of tourist sites are waiting to be visited, and a lot of stories are waiting to be told. Cambodia has been known by the outside world through Angkor Wat and Killing Fields. In fact, we have a lot of more places to see. With a tropical climate, Cambodia is abundant of mountains, forests, wild lives, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Depending on how much time you have in Cambodia. Excursion Asia (EA) can arrange a lot of different trips such as visits to Fresh Water Dolphins in the Mekong River, Mountain Tribes, A sea of Forests, Waterfalls, a swim in a Volcanic Lake, Gem stone Areas, Elephant Rides, Trekking in the Jungles, Crocodile Farms, The zoos, Bird Sanctuary, Balloon Ride, Helicopter Ride, Boat Trip for sunset, Boat Trip a long the Mangrove forests, National Parks, the Sandy Beaches, Fishing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Mountain Caves, Bat caves, Home Stay and ect... The itineraries provided are always flexible.   Please see our tour itineraries for more details!



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